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From November 2011, all profits of petdesigns will go to The Cinnamon Trust and Happy Landings Animal Shelter as TRPD sadly doesn't exist anymore.

Lovely drawings with catchphrases on T-Shirts and other products !

J & G Pet Designs are:

Jutta Steffens-Carter, GB and Gitta Vaughn, USA and Johanna Liebrecht, D

It's obvious we are pet lovers. All of us have been sharing our lives with dogs and/or cats and/or horses since we were children. We all have rescued animals and would always have rescued animals again.Keely

Johanna's family is owned by three Border Collies from the Irish Uisneach Border Collie Rescue and one Heinz 57 from Germany. Jutta has a cross from East Galway Animal Rescue and a Springer Spaniel from Bath Cats and Dogs Home wmd Aufkleber

Gitta and Jutta had the idea to add funny / stupid catch lines to good drawings and put those onto T-Shirts and other products. Originally, this came up due to all the talk about "wmd" and Iraq.

By chance we found Johanna, whose drawings really struck a chord with us and we got together. Sometimes Johanna comes up with a drawing first, sometimes we ask her to add a drawing to a catchphrase we like.


Jutta's space

Since I am at the moment responsible for this website, sales and purchases, this is also the site for my two rescue dogs. They are the reason why I'm trying to help.

DickerI don't need to say that much about Dicker (German for "tubby"). His story has been published in, amongst others, Dogs Monthly and here.
Due to my bad back and his over-active hunting instinct, we started training and he has for a long time been my 'helper dog'. He retrieves all sorts of things and, most importantly, he empties the washing machine for me.

Sadly, we had to put Dicker to sleep at the grand old age of 15 years and 8 months. He leaves a huge hole in my life.

Baine came to us as a 2 year old from Galway, Republic of Ireland. Her mother, a newfoundland, had been dumped at a rescue when she was 12 years old and pregnant! But Baine (the Gaelic word for "milk") had a good start in life and soon found a good new home as well. Sadly, her human died suddenly and unexpectedly, so she was back in rescue.Baine

It is very difficult to rehome dogs in Ireland, but when the dog is not purebred, it's pretty much impossible. I was in contact with the rescue and when I received a photo of Baine... well, 2 months later I had picked her up in Ireland and she has been living with us since 2002. She is a total darling, the kind of dog one can only call "a good dog"!

What can I say? I'd always have a rescue dog again!

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